Behind The Badge, Who We Are: Detective Gonzalez

Detective David Gonzalez was hired with the Winters Police Department in June 2015. In January 2018, he was appointed to the Detective position, the first ever in Winters Police Department history. In the same year, Detective Gonzalez was Officer of the Year.

Detective Gonzalez was born and raised in the Napa Valley. He was drawn to Law Enforcement at an early age. He looked up to police officers in his community and knew he wanted to follow a career protecting his. Detective Gonzalez is the first in his family to have a career in Law Enforcement. He attended the Napa Valley Junior College and received an Associate’s Degree in Administration of Justice. Shortly after, Detective Gonzalez graduated from the Napa Valley Police academy in 2013.

As a Law Enforcement Officer with the City of Winters, his training and education continued. After being appointed into the Detective position, Detective Gonzalez attended multiple ICI (Institute of Criminal Investigation) courses to strengthen his knowledge and experience in investigations. Detective Gonzalez earned an ICI Certificate of Achievement from the Peace Officer Standards and Training with a specialty in Sexual Assault Investigation.

Not only does Detective Gonzalez serve as the Winters Police Department first full-time dedicated investigator, Detective Gonzalez is the Winters Police Department’s School Resource Officer as an ancillary duty. Detective Gonzalez maintains a close relationship with school district officials, the staff at the schools, and the students to ensure the safety of everyone. Detective Gonzalez has a love of helping others and being a positive role model to the youth of the community.

In 2019, Detective Gonzalez was also assigned to the Yolo County Special Investigation Unit, a countywide major crimes task force which specialized in assisting Yolo County Agencies and other neighboring county agencies with major crimes.

Detective Gonzalez has made the City of Winters his second home. Throughout his career, he has been supported by his close friends and family. Detective Gonzalez decided to move away from his hometown of Napa and move closer to Winters to better serve the community in which he takes pride doing so.

In his spare time, Detective Gonzalez enjoys being around his friends, family and his dog, a German Shepherd named “Blitz”. He has a passion for cooking and smoking on his smoker (mmmmm….Ribs!!). He enjoys being out on the golf course, riding his Harley, and has a passion for the game of Baseball. Detective Gonzalez attends as many games possible and has a goal to visit every Major League Baseball Stadium.

Detective Gonzalez and Blitz
Detective Gonzalez, on the left, at the 2018 Fraud Fair
Detective Gonzalez, center, 2019 Pink Patch Project