Behind The Badge, Who We Are: Sergeant Ramos

Sergeant Albert Ramos was raised in Winters and attended the local schools graduating from Winters High School in 1989. He was hired by now retired Winters Police Chief Steven C. Godden and an article in the Winters Express read, “Winters Hires Native Son Albert Ramos.”

Growing up in Winters, Sgt. Ramos knew most of the local officers and would talk to them often. Several of them, including Michael Cooper, Patrick Lawson, Robert Kays, Mari Alvarez, Terry Van Houten, Joseph Puccio, Eduardo Heredia, Sergio Gutierrez, Jose Ramirez, Lee Careaga, Al Doreo, Tony Martin, and Dewayne Keely were positive role models in the community and saw qualities in Sgt. Ramos they believed would be a good police officer so they encouraged him to join law enforcement.

Prior to his career in law enforcement, Sgt. Ramos worked as a clerk at Yolo County Traffic Division. On his breaks, he would go into the courtroom and watch the traffic court trials. After court, he would speak to officers and judges about how they got started in their careers. After speaking with them, several suggested he should attend the police academy which drew him more towards law enforcement. He attended the Sacramento Public Safety Center police academy and did “ride-alongs” with Sergeant Michael Cooper and Officer Jose Ramirez who worked for the Winters Police Department at that time. Sergeant Ramos joined the Winters Police Department in 1997.

Sgt. Ramos was recognized as the “Officer of the Year “in 1998. In 2004, he received his Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Ashworth College and promoted to Corporal. In 2016 he promoted to Sergeant and in 2020 received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice also from Ashworth College.

Sgt. Ramos has always felt blessed to work and raise his family in Winters. He enjoys being able to help people and give back to his community. During his time with the Winters Police Department he has worked as a School Resource Officer and Field Training Officer. He is currently assigned to patrol and oversees the Department’s Field Training Program and scheduling.
Sgt. Ramos is married with four children. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, listening to music, watching movies, taking walks, and spending time with family.

Sgt Ramos (left) at his promotion
Sgt Ramos (left) in the community
Sergeant Ramos admires the work of a local artist