General Orders

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Armory Security

Arson and Unlawful Fires Investigations

Assigning Overtime

Automated License Plate Reader

Blood Draw

Controlled Substances and Paraphernalia

COVID-19 Exposure-Mitigation-and-Procedures

Destroying Physical and Digital Media Containing Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI), California Law Enforcement Terminal System (CLETS), and Interstate Identification Index (III) Records

Disturbance of the Peace Second Response Notice

DUI Emergency Response Cost Recovery

Evaluation Process

Eyewitness Identification

File Access and Security

Gun Violence Restraining Orders

Immigration Violations

Issuance and Carrying of TASER

Officer of the Year, Departmental Awards, and Formal Commendations

Protected Information

Replacement of Police Department Vehicles

Report Writing

Reserve Officers P.O.S.T. Perishable Skills Program (PSP)

Scheduling and Staffing


Traffic Collision Reporting Situations

Trauma and Grief Support (TAGS) Program

Use of Force

Use of Out of Service Signs on Marked Emergency Vehicles

Use of Public Safety Facility Exercise Room

Use of Restraints in Unsecured Areas of Facility

Vehicle Pursuits