Public Safety Power Shut Off

PSPS Update on October 9 2019 at 12:00

From the City Manager:

As of now, approximately 2/3 of the City has power with the core area of town, including the Downtown without power.

In our discussions with key folks with OES and PG&E, they have said that if your power is off now, you will be off for the duration of the event which is Thursday in the afternoon. If your power is on, there is a very good chance you will stay on through the duration. It looks like they have tightened the maps and vulnerable areas to refine the shut offs.

The height of the wind event is predicted to occur Wednesday (today) afternoon into Thursday afternoon. The potential for additional shut offs will continue.

The Community Resource Center has been set up on the corner of E. Abbey and Railroad Ave in Downtown. If persons have need for charging, water or air conditioning, that will be the place.

Water and Sewer services have operated without interruption and we expect that to continue without issue.

Stay tuned for further updates.

PSPS Update on October 9 at 6:30

From the City Manager:

Power went out to the entire town around 1:00 am and about 2/3 of the City was back on at 5:45. The core area is still out. Yolo Office of Emergency Services Personnel will be participating in a Statewide Conference Call at 7:30 am and we should know about the possibility of further shutdowns during the day today possibly for the entire town, again.

The wind event is supposed to hit the Winters area this afternoon and into the evening. City Hall is out of power so we will be relocating to the Public Safety Facility on Main Street , opening after 10:00 am.

Stay tuned for more updates.

From the Chief of Police:

The traffic signals in Winters will be set to flashing red effective tonight (October 8) in order to extend the signals’ emergency battery life over PG&E’s planned Public Safety Power Outage (PSPS). It is anticipated the emergency batteries will only last approximately 24 hours. Additional “STOP” signs are being placed at the intersections to remind drivers that intersections controlled by a flashing red are to be treated as an intersection controlled solely by stop signs and in case the batteries fail. Please exercise caution, follow the rules of the road, and extend courtesy to other vehicles using the roads.

PSPS Update on October 8 at 5:00

From the City Manager

Community Resources Center- Winters

A Community Resource Center will be available on the property located at the corner of Railroad Ave/E. Abbey Street in Downtown Winters, starting Wednesday, 10/9 at 8:00 am to 6:00 pm until the PSPS event has concluded. Available will be: restrooms, bottled water, electronic device charging, A/C, seating for up to 100 people.

PSPS Update on October 8 at 4:30

From the City Manager


PG&E has notified us that they plan to shut down power overnight in the morning hours of October 9. In preparation for the planned power shut off, the City has implemented as follows:

• Here is a map of the area affected by the Public Safety Power Shutdown

• We do NOT foresee any issues with either Water or Sewer Services. We have backup generators which will power the City facilities which we expect things to run normally.

• The City is working with the Yolo Office of Emergency Services and PG&E for a “Community Resource Center” (CRC) to be located in town. These are air conditioned locations where people can also power up their devices and get a little power. Stay tuned for a confirmed location which will be in town

• For residents who live in the country areas around the City (Golden Bear, Positas, Yolo and Solano County Areas) we will have a fire hydrant at the corner of Valley Oak and 128 with a hose for folks to get water. For residents in Golden Bear and the flatter area, Winters Fire will offer water deliver for folks with large animals. Go to this Google document to make a reservation

• No water deliveries will be available to Positas or Solano County but those residents can get water at the Valley Oak/128 location.

• City Hall will relocate our operations to the Public Safety Facility, 700 Main Street beginning at 10:00 a.m. on October 9. Building Permit pick up and utility bill drop off will be available. For those just dropping off bill payment, the City Hall drop box is still available.


From the City Manager

The City has received notification from PG&E that our area is scheduled for a Public Safety Power Shutoff for the early morning period of October 9. The shutdown could last for as many as five days. Please plan accordingly.

The City of Winters has been notified of the possibility that a Public Safety Power Shutdown may impact the entire City of Winters, Golden Bear Estates, Positas and Winters areas in both Yolo and Solano Counties. The plan is also expected to impact other Yolo County areas west of Interstate 505.

The outages are based on wind events which are predicted to come into the area beginning at 4:00 am on Wednesday, October 9 and last into Friday, October 11, 2019. Power may be out for as many as five (5) days.

The City is mobilizing our operations to facilitate water and wastewater operations, public safety and the possibility of the City being without power for a couple of days.

Information from the City will be via the City of Winters Facebook Page as well as the Winters Fire and Winters Police.

Folks can get information via the PGE Website by clicking .

To get information directly to your cell phone, sign up for YOLO Alert by clicking