Special Needs Information Programs (SNAP/Vitals™)

Special Needs Information Programs

The City of Winters First Responders utilize two programs to address persons with special needs, Vitals™ and Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP). Both programs assist First Responders (Police and Fire) to be more responsive during emergencies to residents of the City of Winters with special needs. Maintained by the City of Winters Police Department and Vitals™ app, the registries can help first responders identify those who cannot identify themselves due to a disability or special need, such as Alzheimer’s or dementia, autism or a speech disorder.

Families or agencies can voluntarily provide information about their relatives/clients with special needs so that Law Enforcement and Fire personnel will:

  • Have a photograph, description and contact information for people with special needs in our community who may need special assistance in an emergency.
  • Be better equipped to help people with special needs who may become lost, injured or who may wander away from home.
  • Be aware of special medical, safety and behavioral concerns of individuals with special needs.
  • Be aware of accommodations that may be needed in interacting with the person.



Recently, Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig introduced and partnered with Yolo County first responders to implement Vitals™ (www.thevitalsapp.com). Vitals™ is a subscription based application that offers an invaluable resource to all first responders in Yolo County by providing critical information about an individual’s specific needs and conditions in real-time enabling safer interactions and positive outcomes. Users of Vitals™ enter their information into the app regarding their individual needs.
Vitals™ works by equipping first responders with information voluntarily provided by Vitals™ enrollees. Law enforcement and other first responders download the Vitals™ First Responder app on their cellphones. The service allows a vulnerable person to register online, then wear a beacon that takes the form of a keychain, necklace, debit card or bracelet. An Android phone can also serve as the beacon. When a Vitals™ user comes within 80 feet of an officer or first responder equipped with the service, the officer will get a notification about the information provided by the enrollee and how they may best interact with them. To learn more about Vitals™, go to www.thevitalsapp.com. As a part of the Yolo County Vitals launch, 100 beacons are being offered be the Yolo County District Attorney's Office at no cost to enrollees.
In conjunction with Vitals™, Winters Police Department was able to raise funds to equip every Winters Police Department patrol vehicle and Winters Fire Department engine with a “Mental Health Toolkit” backpack to assist us in responding to persons with autism or other mental health issues. The backpack was created by Nick Rammer, a behavior analyst in the Sacramento area that works directly with kids effected by autism and mental health.  Each backpack contains tools such as visuals, communication boards, stress relief items, distractors, and much more.  Each bag cost approximately $50.00.


Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP)

The City of Winters Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP) assists First Responders (Police and Fire) by integrating information into our dispatch system. Families or agencies can voluntarily provide information about their relatives/clients with special needs such as: a physical disability, special need, Alzheimer’s or dementia, autism or a speech disorder. The information helps Law Enforcement and Fire personnel be aware of accommodations that may be needed in interacting with the person. This is a free program, the information is only available to first responder in Winters (Dispatch, Fire, and Police).

How to Register?

Complete the online SNAP Enrollment Form for yourself, a loved one, or client by clicking HERE.

If you need to print out a physical form to fill out at a later date, please access the enrollment form on our forms page HERE.

How do I include a photograph with the alert form?

There are two options for including a photograph with your alert form:
1. Attach a 4x6 printed photograph to your alert form and turn in
2. Email a .jpeg photograph to SNAP@cityofwinters.org
Please make sure the photograph is only of the registering person (portraits are best). The photograph needs to be of clear quality, recent and preferably in color. Photographs will not be returned to the registrant, so make sure you have an original copy for yourself.

What happens next?

After your Special Needs Alert Program form has been received, it will be processed and entered into the Police and Fire systems. It is up to the Individual/ Primary Caregiver/ or Responsible Party completing the form to keep the information updated and accurate with the City of Winters Public Safety.

How do I update the alert information?

Alert form information can be updated at any time by completing a Special Needs Alert Program form and checking the “Updated Alert” box at the top of the form. The form can then be dropped off or mailed to the Police Department.

Is there a cost associated with this service?

No. Completing the form and registering with the Special Needs Alert Program (SNAP) is free of charge.

Have Questions or Need Assistance?

If you have questions, would like to request a physical copy of the enrollment form, or need help completing the Special Needs Alert Program form, please contact the Winters Police Department at (530) 794-6723 or by emailing questions to: SNAP@cityofwinters.org.