Yolo County first responders to implement Vitals™ (www.thevitalsapp.com)

Recently, Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig introduced and partnered with Yolo County first responders to implement Vitals™ (www.thevitalsapp.com). Vitals™ offers an invaluable resource to first responders by providing critical information about an individual’s specific needs and conditions in real-time enabling safer interactions and positive outcomes.

Read the Yolo County District Attorney's Office HERE

In conjunction with Vitals™, Winters Police Department is seeking to equip every Winters Police Department patrol vehicle and Winters Fire Department engine with a “Mental Health Toolkit” backpack to assist us in responding to persons with autism or other mental health issues. The backpack was created by Nick Rammer, a behavior analyst in the Sacramento area that works directly with kids effected by autism and mental health. Each backpack contains tools such as visuals, communication boards, stress relief items, distractors, and much more. Each bag costs approximately $50.00.