Report & Arrest Log

The Winters Police Department Report and Arrest Log represents case and arrest reports written by Winters Police personnel. Not all reports are listed due to statutory restrictions (such as juvenile information) or sensitive confidential investigations (such as medical call information). Although the information on this site is believed to be correct, information is provided on an "as is" basis, and accuracy and/or completeness cannot be guaranteed. No warranty of any kind is given with respect to the contents of this website.

The report log is intended to provide information about what is happening in your neighborhood and will be published each week. If you have any questions regarding the weekly report log, please contact our Records Department at (530)795-2261 ext 120.

The data contained in the report log should not be a foundation for any type of legal action. Anyone who uses this information to commit a crime or to harass an inmate or their family may be subject to criminal prosecution and civil liability. Caution must be taken in the use of information because mistaken identification may occur when relying only on a name for identification.

Except as provided in 10 CCR 2074, no bail licensee shall solicit any person for bail in any prison, jail, or other place of detention of persons, court, or public institution connected with the administration of justice or in the halls or corridors adjacent thereto; provided that a bail licensee may in such halls, corridors or in other rooms or areas where not prohibited by local rule or ordinance transact bail with persons specified in Section 2079 who have prior to a transaction, requested their services.

Information contained in the report log may also appear in media outlets.

Adult Arrest information is listed per California Government Code 7923.610, which states: a state or local law enforcement agency shall make public all of the following information, except to the extent that disclosure of a particular item of information would endanger the safety of a person involved in an investigation or would endanger the successful completion of the investigation or a related investigation:

  1. The full name and occupation of every individual arrested by the agency.
  2. The individual’s physical description, including date of birth, color of eyes and hair, sex, height, and weight.
  3. The time and date of arrest.
  4. The time and date of booking.
  5. The location of the arrest.
  6. The factual circumstances surrounding the arrest.
  7. The amount of bail set.
  8. The time and manner of release or the location where the individual is currently being held.
  9. All charges the individual is being held upon, including any outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions, parole holds, and probation holds.

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Arrest Date


Booking Date


Location of Incident

10th block of Baker St


Stewart, Joseph Elijah


















Violation of Court Order, Inflict corporal injury on spouse/cohabitant/dating


Set by Court


Transported to Yolo County Jail