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About the Winters Police Department

The Winters Police Department is currently staffed with 11 sworn positions, consisting of the Chief of Police, two Patrol Sergeants, one Detective/Administrative Sergeant, and six Patrol Officers. The Department maintains a Reserve Officer program which provides additional assistance to full time sworn officers as well as volunteer services programs including Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS), Trauma and Grief Support (TAGS), and a Cadet program for youth. The Winters Police Department works in collaboration with outside agencies in accordance to a countywide mutual aid agreement and is dispatched through the Yolo Emergency Communications Agency (YECA), a joint powers agency that performs dispatching services for most law enforcement and fire agencies within Yolo County

Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Principles, and Motto:

Our Mission
The fundamental mission of the Winters Police Department is to provide service to our community, uphold the Constitution, and deter crime and disorder through impartial service to the law.

Our Vision
The Winters Police Department will continue to be a highly responsive agency that will grow and adapt to meet the needs of our community. We will proactively engage in partnerships to identify opportunities and address challenges by developing innovative and creative solutions

Our Core Principles and Values
• Courage
• Professionalism
• Respect
• Accountability
• Community-Centered
• Collaborative

Our Motto
Service with integrity

Special Events and Mutual Aid

Special Enforcement Events:

The Winters Police Department has participated in several special enforcement events such as Avoid the 8 which concentrates on DUI enforcement, Click it or Ticket which concentrates on seat belt violations, and Phone in one hand Ticket in the other which concentrates on distracted driving. The Department has also participated in county wide enforcement sweeps that check sex offenders to ensure they are in compliance with court ordered restrictions.

Mutual Assistance for Events:

The Winters Police Department participates in several special events through Yolo county. The jurisdictions for these events can call on other agencies to assist them through mutural aid. Some of these events include the Almond Festival in Esparto and the Capay Valley, Picnic Day in Davis, and the Yolo County Fair in Woodland.


William Preston Rice
City of Winters Marshall
EOW October 18, 1912

City Marshal Rice was killed in the line of duty on October 18th 1912. Marshal Rice was unarmed when he assisted Constable Andrews who was responding to a call about an intoxicated man waiving a gun in the street. Marshal Rice had been able to talk to the man on previous occasions and entered the intoxicated man’s residence. Marshal Rice entered through the front door as Constable Andrews and the reporting party (identified as James W Chapman) went around the back. The intoxicated man fired and shot Marshal Rice in the chest. He was arrested as he stepped into the street to re-load his gun. Marshal Rice had been employed for six months. He was married to Alice Chadwick in 1906. He left behind a son, Harry Rice aged 14 months.

Thanks to the generosity of Winters residents, numerous documents pertaining to the Rice Family individuals and the death of Marshal Rice have been located, including the names of 8 generations of the Rice Family. Al Graf and Theresa Sackett contributed their memories, photographs and notes. Tom Crisp also did a fantastic job in tracking Marshal Rice’s family through Ancestry.com. He was able to locate Kathy, who is a great grandchild of Mary Ottie “Molly” Rice. Mary Rice is Marshal Rice’s sister.

City Marshall William Rice's name has been added to the Yolo County Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial in Woodland, the California Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial in Sacramento, and the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial in Washington DC.