Behind The Badge, Who We Are: Sergeant Hermosillo

Sergeant Jose Hermosillo comes to the City of Winters via Mexico as an immigrant. Sergeant Hermosillo was born in the region of Jalisco where he was raised by his mother and father along with two siblings.

As a child and young boy Sergeant Hermosillo helped his Grandpa and father work the family farm. He was taught at an early age hard work and determination always pays off. During his time at the farm Sergeant Hermosillo worked the land for corn crops, grew a regional plant called maguey, raised pigs and steer, and helped his Grandpa with the dairy cows.  On his mothers’ side, he helped his Grandpa with the lime harvests and raising lambs all while balancing his schoolwork.

Sergeant Hermosillo’s parents came to the United States as immigrants working as day laborers in the fields in the LA area. His mother’s father was heavily involved in the civil rights movement with Cesar Chavez in the National Farm Workers Association.

Eventually, the Hermosillo family moved to the Sacramento area were Sergeant Hermosillo began to learn English and attend school. Sergeant Hermosillo would spend about half the year in the United States where he had odd jobs to help with the family’s income.  Sergeant Hermosillo worked as a field laborer, fast food employee and some construction work. Sergeant Hermosillo eventually graduated and obtained his high school diploma.

Before becoming a Police Officer, Sergeant Hermosillo obtained a certificate in auto body and repair. He worked at a hot rod shop restoring and building cars. In 2007 Sergeant Hermosillo attended the Police Academy and obtained his Basic POST Academy Certificate. He was hired by the Colusa County Sheriff’s Department where he worked as a Deputy Sheriff and a Correctional Officer. He then transferred and worked for Williams Police Department.

In January 2014, Sergeant Hermosillo became a Winters Police Officer. During his time at the Department he has been part of the re-establishing the Reserve Officer Program, helped in establishing the Cadet program with Officer Alan Pinette, became an FTO and a grant writer.

Sergeant Hermosillo promoted to Sergeant in January 2019. As a Sergeant, he is involved with the hiring process, the FTO program as a training officer, a baton instructor, and he is the Use of Force and the Domestic Violence supervisor. Sergeant Hermosillo is also involved with the Winters Hispanic Advisory Committee.

If you ask Sergeant Hermosillo what was one of his motivations on becoming a Police Officer, he will tell you “There is a huge gap between law enforcement and the Hispanic community. I know this firsthand. I want to be a part in the closure of this gap. I want people to know we are here to help and if I can I’ll do anything to help”

When Sergeant Hermosillo is off duty, he enjoys spending his time with his wife, daughter, and son. They enjoy camping, traveling, competing in Spartan runs, Mud runs, and working on many house projects. Sergeant Hermosillo continues his passion and builds hot rods on occasion.

Sgt Hermosillo (far left) at the Winters High School 2018 Red Ribbon Week
Sgt Hermosillo
Sgt Hermosillo at the Winters Library Family Story Time