Administrative Citation Information

Administrative Citation Process

Administrative citations constitutes an order prohibiting the continuation or repeated occurrence of described violations. The citations require that individuals comply by correcting a listed violation and paying any required fine or contest the violation by requesting a hearing using proscribed procedures. Administrative Citations shall be in addition to all other remedies, whether criminal, civil or equitable, which may be pursued by the city to address any violation of this code. Additional information regarding Administrative citations can be found under Chapter 9.10 of the Winters Municipal Code available HERE.


Administrative Citation: To Comply


TO PAY THE FINE: Pay within thirty (30) days from the date of the citation or be subject to a late penalty. The fine shall be delivered or mailed to the CITY OF WINTERS, 318 First Street, Winters, CA 95694. The citation number must be written on the face of the check or money order. Please, do not send cash through the mail.

IMPORTANT: The payment of the fine does NOT excuse you from the requirement to correct the Code violation cited herein.


Administrative Citation: To Contest


ADMINISTRATIVE HEARING – You may contest that there was a violation of the City Code or that you are the Responsible Person. You may request an Administrative Hearing by filing a written request for a hearing no later than thirty (30) days from the date of the Administrative Citation. The written request shall include a detailed written explanation as to why you are contesting the Administrative Citation.

IMPORTANT: You must deposit the amount of the fine and/or penalty specified on the Administrative Citation with the City Clerk, City of Winters, 318 First Street, Winters, CA 95694, at the time you return the request for hearing form, unless an advance deposit hardship waiver has been issued pursuant to Winters Municipal Code § 19.10.090. Hardship waiver must be requested no later than ten (10) days from the date of the Administrative Citation.

The hearing will be conducted pursuant to Winters Municipal Code § 19.10.100 and § 19.10.110, and a written decision will be issued to affirm or cancel the Administrative Citation. The hearing decision shall be the City’s final administrative decision.

If the Administrative Citation is affirmed, the fine and/or penalty amount on deposit with the City shall be retained by the City. If the fine and/or penalty has not been deposited pursuant to an advance deposit hardship waiver, the hearing decision shall set forth a payment schedule.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Administrative Citation process described herein does not preclude the City from recovering any violation abatement costs incurred by the City in performing its code enforcement efforts pursuant to the Winters Municipal Code. For further information about this Administrative Citation you may contact the City’s Code Compliance Unit by email at or by phone at (530) 794- 6723.