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The public has a right to expect and demand fair and impartial law enforcement services.

Complaints made to any member of this department alleging misconduct of police personnel will be treated with serious consideration.  If you, as a member of the public, feel that an officer has not exercised his best judgement and has initiated action unreasonably, unlawfully or in a discriminatory manner, then you have the right to file a complaint which will be investigated thoroughly.

Complements made to any member of this department will be reviewed by that member's supervisor and the complimented employee.

Complaint Process

It is the policy of the Winters Police Department to accept, record and promptly initiate an investigation of all complaints of misconduct concerning police personnel which are made by any member of the public.

The following procedure will be utilized in any citizen complaint of officer misconduct:

  1. Any citizen reporting a complaint shall contact the police department during normal business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) and arrange to speak to a supervisor. If a supervisor is not available, an appointment shall be made to meet with a supervisor.
  2. An oral interview and written statement shall be obtained from the citizen by the supervisor. Informal action by the supervisor can result based on an oral statement alone, but no formal disciplinary action will result unless the citizen submits a written statement and reviews it with a supervisor.
  3. The supervisor shall begin a formal investigation of the complaint after receipt of a written statement and an oral interview with the complaining citizen. The investigator shall insure that the legal rights of all parties are protected during the course of his investigation.  (Nothing in this procedure shall prevent the Chief of Police from conducting an investigation of police conduct absent a citizens complaint.)
  4. A summary of all allegations shall be compiled and presented to the Chief of Police for a final decision on the disposition of the complaint.
  5. The complainant and the police personnel concerned shall be notified of the results of the investigation and the disposition of the complaint.
  6. Any citizen not satisfied with the above procedures may seek additional action by making a complaint to any of the following:
    1. The Chief of Police, personally rather than a supervisor, as in Step (1), however the procedure shall be the same as (2) through (6) above after contact with the Chief of Police.
    2. The Yolo County District Attorney’s Office.
    3. The Yolo County Grand Jury.
    4. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has investigative jurisdiction of all matters relating to the violation of civil rights by police authorities.

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if you have any problem with this procedure or wish to discuss police practices or procedures.  We are always happy to review our procedures and receive input from the public.

To make a complaint, please fill out the online complaint form linked HERE

Compliment Process

We value your feedback, to pass along a complement to a member of the Winters Police Department, please utilize the online complement form linked HERE.