Homeless Outreach and Police Engagement (HOPE)

Homelessness is affecting most of the United States and, in particular, California where approximately 25% of the nation’s homeless population is located. Currently, there are no clear, long-term, nor viable solutions to truly resolve this complex issue.

Winters Police Department has launched a Homeless Outreach and Police Engagement (HOPE) program as an ancillary function of one of our officer’s normal daily duties. Using a Specialized Multi-Agency Response Team (SMART) approach, the two-prong approach of HOPE is to:

  • Connect resources to the homeless population in need such as veteran’s assistance, mental health, or substance abuse treatment.
  • Enforce state and local laws in situations that damage the environment and negatively impact the quality of life of residents.

By using a collaborative and community-centered approach, we hope to improve the conditions for those negatively impacted by this social crisis.

For more information about the program, please contact us by email HERE


Winters Police homeless outreach in 2017