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The Winters Police Department prides itself on transparency. Since 2017, the Winters Police Department has utilized the Axon Body Worn Camera system and recently had installed Axon Fleet car cameras in all marked vehicles. Per PC 832.5, the Winters Police Department must investigate all complaints. Complaints from the public about the conduct of our Police Officers is rare and more often than not, the audio/video footage obtained via these systems clearly exonerates the officers. These investigations and the Police Officers personnel records are subject to public disclosure per PC 832.7.

We understand the public often times may not understand our actions at face value. For example, we may be attempting to catch up to a violator without our lights and sirens on in order to avoid alerting the violator and risking a pursuit, which would endanger the public further. Or, due to different policies and standards, we may not be responding with lights and sirens to assist with a medical call. This is an automatic “Code 3” (lights and sirens) for Fire and EMS, but not for Police; however, since our Police Officers are on patrol and are equipped with AED’s, Narcan, trauma kits, as well as basic first aid kits they usually arrive first and are able to provide aid as well as ensure the scene safe and secure for Fire and EMS personnel. Another common scenario is when multiple officers are on scene for a seemingly “routine” traffic stop. First and foremost, this is for safety and often, this may be because the driver is suspended or has no driver’s license, there are multiple passengers outnumbering the officer, someone in the vehicles has a warrant for their arrest or is on probation or parole, or someone was hostile towards the initiating officer.

Although we ask for you to not initiate contact during an incident, we readily welcome questions and concerns in order to facilitate conversation and awareness.


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