Vacation Watch Brochure and Form

What is a Vacation Watch Program?

This is a free service to our Winters’ residents who live within the city limits. Our police staff will periodically make efforts to check on your home while you are on vacation. To register for this program, please fill out our online vacation watch enrollment form HERE. Please note a new enrollment form is needed each time you intend to go on an extended trip. Have questions or need help with the enrollment form? Please contact us by email at or by phone at 530-794-6723. If you would like to print out the enrollment form to fill out at a later date, please visit our forms page HERE. 

Vacation Watch Safety Tips

We have provided a list of tips that you should consider before going on your trip:

1. Do not advertise that you are away! Use caution when leaving any messages on your answering machine or voice mail. Do not post your plans, or photos of the trip, on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

2. Advise the Winters Police Department of your vacation and fill out a vacation watch form

3. Stop all deliveries. For mail-Have the US Post Office hold your mail. For newspaper-Cancel delivery or have a neighbor pick it up. Expecting a package? Have all necessary deliveries made to a neighbor.

4. Have someone cut the grass and tend to front yard as needed.

5. Use timers on lights and possibly a radio. Set timers to keep with your regular schedule.

6. Leave shades, blinds, curtains or drapes as usual. If someone is checking your home, have them change the drapes a little each day.

7. Secure all doors and windows. If you must leave a window open for ventilation, make it a 2 nd floor window. Make sure windows are pinned and remove all access to windows, i.e. ladders. Don't forget to activate the alarm system.

8. Make the house looks occupied. Park a car in the driveway and have a neighbor or friend move it time to time. Do not leave notes on the door.

9. Secure all valuables in safe or remove them from your home, if possible, store valuables at a secure location.

10. Close and lock the garage door and storage sheds. Remove electronic garage door openers from unused vehicles.

11. Make proper arrangement for the care and feeding of your pets. Make sure anyone you have watching the house has the alarm code and are familiar with the alarm system.

12. Make sure a family member, friend, neighbor have a key for emergencies.

13. Have a great vacation!