Trauma & Grief Support (TAGS) Program

Our Mission

Members of the Winters Police and Fire Departments (collectively, the “Departments”) routinely respond to emergency or crisis situations where community members may be afflicted with grief and/or other trauma. During critical periods when the first responders are attending to the emergency or crisis, community members can often be left without necessary trauma and grief support, which only increases the amount of grief and/or trauma a community member may face.

The Winters Public Safety Trauma and Grief Support (TAGS) volunteers work in conjunction with the Departments to assist on-scene community members who are experiencing grief and/or trauma. Additionally, because the constant stresses associated with critical incidents and first responder duties can negatively impact public safety personnel, TAGS volunteers will also be accessible to Winters Police and Fire Department personnel.

What we do

This program will be utilized by the Officers as well as Fire personnel to assist with death notifications,  stand by with family members while the coroner is contacted, and offer assistance any time first responders need an extra hand with a high-priority call or incident.